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Black won the award for Milk a gay rights movie documenting the personal and professional struggle of Harvey Milk, an American politician who was the first openly homosexual person to be elected into public office."They love each other and aren't concerned what anyone says about the age difference.

The source added: "Dustin is very proud of Tom for making such a powerful statement about his sexuality.

The highlight for most of the guys at the pool party had been the moment Robert finally took off his shirt to show off his incredible six-pack abs, with Justin, 29, saying of the moment: 'Everyone here is thirstier than Tara Reid in rehab, honey.'Meanwhile ripped Brandon, 29, admitted he once had been 'a homeless alcoholic' and also revealed his family 'disowned him at 16 for being gay' and started a legal fight with his friend's family who took him in.

However, he raced after him when he was finally about to leave - and after a deep breath told him that his ex-boyfriend had killed himself the previous Thanksgiving and he has 'had a really hard time opening my heart since then.'He left him as one of the final two waiting to hear if they would get the final black tie, mentioning his comments about height and asking him: 'If you're not attracted to me then what are you doing here?

Earlier, she was in a relationship with Steve-O during the years of 2009. Guthrie since 2009 and is leading a very happy life with her.

Her relationship with Steve-O was a very short-term relationship as he was a dancing partner in the show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. Lacey Schwimmer is an American ballroom dancer, costume designer, and a singer who is immensely eminent for her work as a dancer to reach the last four finalists of the dance show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 3.

Speaking in his video, uploaded to You Tube, Daley said: "Come spring this year my life changed massively when I met someone."It made me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great.

Then he simply added: "Oh and that someone is a guy."Although he refrained from revealing the identity of his partner during the video, multiple sources have reported that Daley is dating Dustin Lance Black, 39, an Oscar winning Hollywood screen writer.

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  2. She married a Welsh bar owner in March 1994 and then split weeks later; then she married comic Tom Green in July 2001 and he filed for divorce six months later.