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Kristen Stewart looks stunning on the cover of T magazine’s Aug.21 Women’s Fashion issue, but it’s what she says in her accompanying interview that’s really eye-catching.Justin Chang who finally sees what we’ve been seeing for years chatted with Robert about his love of film and director choices. These are people I’ve just been crossing off the list. Godard’s “” (First Name: Carmen) was a massive one for me in terms of tone and performance. She’s another person who’s been on my list forever.Robert also mentions that he’s about to start filming High Life “on Sunday”. I love genre shifts, and I just think for that to start off as a kind of farce and then to develop into one of the most moving relationship stories, unrequited love stories, that I’ve ever seen — that really stuck out. And Leos Carax as well, especially “” (The Lovers on the Bridge). I can’t think of a better word than “singular,” but they’re just so unique. But in general, it’s always a little funny going to see other films when you’ve got a movie premiering there. Everyone is always like, “It’s such a hassle seeing three films a day,” but that’s kind of all I do anyway.From the LA Times (click link to read full article): I was into movies before I was even remotely into acting. Claire Denis’ “White Material” was one of the big ones. I mean, I like a lot of English-language movies from the ’70s, which everybody likes, but among more recent films, for some reason, a lot of French movies — they’re more operatic. I loved “Embrace of the Serpent,” the Ciro Guerra film.I basically approached my career, at least for the first 10 years of it, trying to re-create my DVD shelf from when I was 17. In his latest movie, “Good Time” (in select theaters Friday, nationwide August 25), Pattinson gives the best performance of his career so far playing Connie, a petty criminal who sets out on a mission to bail his mentally challenged brother out of prison.After the two botch a bank robbery, we follow Connie in a bizarre journey through New York, in which everything he does completely goes wrong.

A lot of it is performance-based; all these directors get these incredible performances. That could literally play now and it would still be subversive. I had worked with some great directors before that, but they tended to go back and forth between personal films and more commercial films.Floor 3 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA Robert Pattinson Australia is not affiliated with Robert Pattinson or his management in any way. We respect Robert's right to privacy and do not post intrusive photos or information about his private life. I like the feeling of discovery and meeting someone who is really, really hungry and has a lot to prove. Scott Rudin and Martin Scorsese are producing their next film [the thriller “Uncut Gems”].Respecting Robert because actions speak louder than words. This year I saw Lynne Ramsay’s “You Were Never Really Here.” It was great.He doesn’t like the media circus and rarely gives interviews like this one at Berlin’s Hotel de Rome.Since the boy from Barnes in South West London was thrust into the limelight – where he has remained for the past ten years – he has feared talking nonsense or divulging details about his personal life, both, to him, are equally horrifying. Time and again he lets out a loud peel of resounding laughter, to make it clear just how laid-back he wants to be.

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NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson gives us a tease on future plans, maggot meals, advice for the US president and more! We get all kinds of tidbits we're deprived off all the other long days of the year. It doesn't bring any new information to someone who's ROBsessed.

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