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It’s all in aid of a performance contract, but two rival dance crews stand in their way: solid gold baddies The Grim Knights and Sean’s old friends, The Mob. The Step Up films are set in an alternate universe where big, giant dance battles are the only way of solving a dispute of any kind, especially if it involves the accusation that someone “doesn’t have what it takes”.When the gang make it to Vegas, The Vortex is billed below Rod Stewart, a fact that is never explained (sadly, Rod himself does not appear in any of the ludicrously over-the-top dance extravaganzas). Importantly for a film franchise that promises at least one bubblegum love story per instalment, in Step Up world, dance battles double as the main courtship ritual.“Does it always have to end up in a big, giant dance battle? When Sean first meets Andie, he makes the mistake of assuming that she’s only fit for sewing the costumes for his crew.As they bust their baddest hip-hop moves around each other in a warehouse filled with yellow balloons, we all realise his error, for which he later atones during a romantic, urban-flavoured Charleston on a deserted fairground ride.I was looking forward to seeing this film as someone I know was involved with the production. I've been told this happens all the time to movies.

The deal was negotiated by Douglas Stone at Stone, Meyer, Genow, Smelkinson & Binder, CAA for the producers, and Rosalind Lawton for Relativity.

Tyra Banks co-stars, offering a moment of cinematic genius when she holds a bottle of ketchup to command the attention of the room that she's in.

And let us not forget the soundtrack The ultimate supermogul, Tyra Banks has gone onto study at Harvard Business School and run a business empire which includes fragrances, fashion lines, endorsements, TV show presenting, book writing and the odd bit of modelling.

What started out as a sci-fi noir ended up in a blender.

Maybe someday someone will make the movie I read and heard about.

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  1. Somewhere in the conversation, I wrestled her phone number from her. I would have to be very patient and charming in my written correspondence with her via the phone.

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