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However, all instruments and machinery require regular service checks to ensure they continue to work properly.Whether it’s a boiler, washing machine or your car, an annual service ensures optimal operation for reliable performance and results. It is important to monitor your thermal cycler’s performance, as variations can adversely affect the PCR process and hence the outcome of experiments.Alpha Laboratories’ Dynamic Temperature Validation Service employs the latest innovative electronic technology to analyse the performance of PCR blocks – think of it as an MOT for thermal cyclers!Fully comprehensive service including an annual preventative maintenance service with block temperature validation using measuring equipment calibrated to ISO 17025 2005.Dynex Technologies Founded over 60 years ago, Dynex Technologies, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of fully-automated ELISA microplate workstations, laboratory instruments and associated consumables and accessories, seamlessly integrating advanced detection with fully-automated sample handling.Gold Standard Diagnostics Gold Standard Diagnostics provides comprehensive diagnostic solutions that improve lab efficiency and minimize overall costs.Versatile and truly innovative in its process simulation and ease of use, the SQII software allows the integration of automation in your lab with confidence. The simple, graphical interface enables every lab technician to use SQII with minimal training. Designed as an open system, the SQII is capable of processing virtually any ELISA application - From clinical diagnostics, such as autoimmune and infectious disease, to food safety and drugs-of-abuse testing.

is BMG LABTECH’s most flexible microplate reader, equipped with revolutionary LVF monochromator technology.

The DSX® system’s innovations include more than just the instrument – the controlled system also includes the sample and reagent tips used.

ONLY Dynex Certified Consumables are specifically designed and produced for Dynex instruments, ensuring proper tip fit with superior accuracy and performance.

Fujirebio Diagnostics Fujirebio Diagnostics- The world’s most extensive array of Gold Standard biomarkers for Oncology in India. has been the trusted source of innovative solutions in clinical diagnostics.

At the heart of Fujirebio Diagnostics' biomarkers are the original Centocor and Can Ag antibodies, forming the base of a product line long recognized around the globe for leadership and dependability.

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