Identifying dating your family photographs with maureen taylor

Discover the history of photography and learn when specific costumes, hairstyles, architecture, interior design trends, and more were popular.

This improved revised edition, full of color photographs, is sure to be instructive and inviting to genealogists, scrapbookers, and history enthusiasts alike.

A fascinating look at the birth of the daguerreotype process can be found here plate Daguerreotype from 1854. Massey Collection The ambrotype was a glass negative backed with black material, which enabled it to appear as a positive image. Because tintypes were placed in albums along with CDVs, they were often trimmed at the sides and corners.

Patented in 1854, the ambrotype was made, packaged, and sold in portrait studios just as the daguerreotype had been, but at a lower cost. Ambrotypes were usually put into cases just as daguerreotypes were. Tintypes were produced in various sizes Tintype of a young child. Massey Collection CDV stands for carte de visite, a photographic calling card.

To understand your pictures research as many ancestors as possible so that you know where they lived as well as their birth and death dates.

You'll need this information to narrow down the possibilities.

While she (and all of us) talked about how much she is enjoying the visual and historical eye candy of the show, she brings it back around to the details that are so important to dating and researching a photograph for family history.Knowing the type of photograph you own will help you date it. They are very reflective and look like a mirror when turned at certain angles from the viewer.They were put into cases where they were sealed behind glass to prevent tarnishing.Taylor shows you how to cherish old photographs and what clues they can provide to your ancestors' lives.You will learn how to: Identify and verify people in family photographs.

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The most common question I receive regarding old family photographs is how to date them. After all, dating a photograph is the first step in being able to identify the individual(s).

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