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However, his radical religious agenda drove a deep wedge in a multi-ethnic society and after a popular, violent uprising by his opponents in 2013, the army took control. Egypt became a chaotic crucible and was enveloped in a season of daily protests on the streets between supporters of Muslim Brotherhood who felt that their democratically elected government was unfairly unseated and supporters of the army who sought an end to the fundamentalist regime of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The film captures one such day when protests break out in various parts of Cairo between these opposing factions.

Go Where The People Are When you’re looking to build community, intentionally surround yourself with people as much as possible. It can be tempting to spend our free time recovering from this stress at home and alone.

But to build community, you must make yourself go to new places where you can meet new people.

This is your chance to really put it all out there!

You know they are there somewhere, but you just aren't meeting them!

While it starts with the arrest of an Egyptian born journalist working with the Associated Press covering the clashes along with his local freelance cameraman, the van is quickly filled up with a motley assembly of people cutting across the spectrum of age, economic status and owing their allegiance to either side of the ideological divide.

This isn’t always easy, but community builders must learn to initiate conversations. Spend your time with new people taking an interest in them.

Ask them about them about themselves and show a genuine interest in who they are and what they enjoy. They won’t be able to help liking you, because you make them feel great about themselves.3. Don’t wait for someone else to make community happen. See yourself as a community maker, even if it doesn’t always come naturally. A few years ago, he created a Facebook group called “Sports in the Park” and invited all his friends.

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Tempers fray with the supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and the pro-army group find themselves at each other's throats and find that their strength of ideological conviction is put to a litmus test by this sticky situation.

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