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It’s an epidemic that’s been the status quo, well, for forever, but you’re looking at a lady who wants to change all of that. He was a few years younger than me, a full-time single dad who worked the night shift.

Anyone with a disability who is dating pretty much wants this of course. It would be miraculous if the world shifted the way humans with permanent disabilities were placed in society, if our caste wasn’t by default unequal. I wish I could sit here and preach the amazing fun times that are to be had in the dating world, but the truth of the matter is that it is a battlefield you want to vacate as soon as possible. He was seeking love, but when I saw he was half the body weight of me (I would crush him with a bad transfer) and that he very strangely hated food (yes, really) and said, “I only eat for sustenance and don’t enjoy eating at all,” as a quad foodie, I knew he wasn’t the one. In the words of my ex-boyfriend, Evan, who hated dating almost as much as me, “Dating is utterly exhausting,” and he couldn’t have been more accurate.

Have a great time, get to know the real person, and you never know, you may have met your soul mate.

Unless we ask, please don’t suddenly start pushing us We know that you mean well, but if you accidentally hit someone or something, the embarrassment is on us.

You must adapt to specific things that wheelchair users go through, such as phoning ahead to determine if your dating destination is wheelchair accessible. Put Yourself in His/Her Shoes What if the tables were turned? It does not diminish the potential that they just might be the unique person who becomes the love of your life.

Is it safe to assume these feelings are increased when it includes dating someone in a wheelchair?

Are You Ready to Date Someone in a Wheel Chair This answer requires honesty.

Sure, you do learn about yourself a ton, you get to meet some interesting people, but overall? But the worst dates are the ones where you’re discriminated against — where the guy (or gal) realizes after meeting you in person that the whole disability thing is just too big, and you never hear from them again.

While you shouldn’t take this personally (please don’t), it’s really hard not to when it happens almost every other date.

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