6 dating tips

It can take some work to find and attract someone who is looking for the same level of relationship and has similar interests and ethics. Online dating provides the opportunity to filter and find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can narrow it down to someone who lives less than 10 miles away, is 5-foot-5-inches tall, and loves to surf.

The challenge is presenting yourself in an honest yet appealing way, and attracting someone who is looking for the same sort of relationship you are.

Too often online dating becomes a portal for one-night stands or awkward first dates that go nowhere.

that one of the biggest mistakes Tinder users make is obscuring their face in their profile photo.The summer can be a great time to start a new relationship.Maybe it's that lingering "school's out" mentality that makes us feel young and carefree.Tip 2 – Curiosity is Key Do not, I REPEATE, do not monopolize the conversation and talk only about yourself.It is essential to lead with a sense of curiosity about the other person.

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