Wiikey 1 9s updating

) - Compatible with all the Wii Console Versions/Drive currently available - Full D2B Drive Support - Built-in audio fix - Full support for DVD-R/DVD R and DVD RW/DVD-RW without Booktype - Supports Multi-Disc/Multi-games for BOTH Wii and Game Cube - Recovery Mode for incomplete/Bad Upgrades - Stealth mode - Firmware fully Upgradable via DVD!

audiofix fixed o_0 dual layer support (no bitsetting required) improved media support (all supported chipsets) full Gamecube regionfree (no-swap/video setup) various "smaller" improvements/fixes workaround for FW 3.0 gameid limitation (existing wkb 1.2 discs will boot again) "on the fly" settings for gc games (by holding buttons) toggle audiofix, diskspeed, force NTSC/PAL Firstly, you WILL need access to a Game Cube controller to get this working as it uses GCOS to load the disc.

All other Wii modchips from the same era have died and been forgotten, but Wiikey 1 lives on! A beta release for the original Wiikey 1 modchip is now available in the members area.This update fixes the 3X DVD issue and adds NSMB BCA support.It merely adjusts the configuration stored in EEPROM.GCOS for the Wiinja (NTSC) GCOS Special Version for Wiinja Modchip. : Boots all region Gamecube games (original or legal backups) Explore ISO9660 discs up to 4.7gb(?

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