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The Security phones are located throughout the main building. During holidays and breaks, the building is shut down completely unless prior arrangements have been made.

Students, staff, and faculty members are encouraged to sign up for the CCC Emergency Alert System to receive notification by City Colleges email, personal email account, mobile and home phone numbers, and/or text messages in case of an emergency. Please notify Security if you are in the building at off hours or working in an isolated area.

Your Safety and Security is of paramount importance at the City Colleges.

Tims Productions are acknowledged as the creators of The Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyil) series.

"Sex Workers" in Introducing the New Sexuality Studies (2nd edition) edited by Steven Seidman et al (2011) Routledge.“Productive Tensions: Ethnographic Engagement, Complexity and Contradiction,” special issue of the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography on "methodological complexity,” October 2010 vol. "Soft Glove, Punishing Fist: The Trafficking Victims Protection Act" in Regulating Sex edited by Elizabeth Bernstein and Laurie Schaffner (2005) Routledge.

Chapkis is the author of many articles in the area of gender and sexuality including “Sex Workers” (in the anthology "New Sexuality Studies," Seidman, Fischer and Meeks, eds., Routledge 2007), "Soft Glove, Punishing Fist: the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000" (in the anthology "Regulating Sex," Bernstein and Schaffner eds, Routledge 2004), "Trafficking, Migration, and the Law: Protecting Innocents, Punishing Immigrants," (in the journal "Gender & Society," 2003), and "Power and Control in the Commercial Sex Trade," (in the anthology "Sex For Sale", Weitzer ed., Routledge 2000).

Cupid is of course the Roman version of the Greek Eros, whose mother was Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love and sexuality.

It was from Aphrodite that the word Aphrodisiac is derived from.

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