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He can go on and on about the director’s vision, why he hated the concept, why he admired the writing. The obvious perk of dating another actor is the common terminology and analytical sense we share as artists. I can talk to him for hours about my interpretation, why I didn’t like the soundtrack, why I loved the actor’s performance.There are more stories she shared with the writers that got integrated, and I started adding little mannerisms of hers to make it as authentic as possible. No one is better at satirizing up-to-the-minute foibles than these three kooks.The message of the show is so uplifting that you must get incredible responses to it. It’s become the norm to be mean and spit vitriol at people, and we’ve gotten out of the practice of kindness. I would just add an 11 o’clock sketch probing some dark pathos and despair, just to bring things to a different level, but having nonstop hilarity is nothing to kvetch about.

They’ve heard my ideas with an open mind, which makes it so much easier for me to give an honest performance,” she explains.I’ve been with the project for a couple of years and I’m realizing that more and more that it’s a love letter to New York City. I just learned this week, through some lyrics, that Ann is a sous-chef who’s a dancer, which are two things that I can’t do. JC: What’s interesting is that what went through my mind was, ‘You’re going to say the wrong lyric. You’re on a Broadway stage, why is that other voice talking? ’ Those are the kinds of things that were happening. I don’t watch a lot of television so when I do, I get hooked. Literally, she asked me and I said yes because it was her and then found out that it was something really, really lovely.It’s this beautiful guide into one woman’s heart where she is deciding, on the brink of turning 40, to make a huge change in her life and to cast fear aside and to just leap, to go wherever the fates take her. Fortunately, most of the time, I think Rob made that number. SDD: I read somewhere that when you first got to New York, you were advised not to come out.Bundy also feels she should help set the production’s backstage tone.She says, “It’s important for me to help create a place where no egos are running wild, where we can pull together and be positive about the show.

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