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Not even Alex’s fall from one of the cannons could halt their momentum. Estonia are one of the big fan favourites and Koit and Laura gave a steady performance of Verona. Israel close the show on Thursday 11 May with a big party number and this one should pick up enough votes to reach the final for a third year running. Austria’s Nathan Trent gave a charming performance standing on a crescent moon and it provides an alternative type of modern entry. Ireland’s Brendan Murray has brought them into contention too.Imri’s been on the Eurovision final stage as a backing singer in 20. Dying To Try has gained a fair few fans this week and Ireland would welcome a return to the Eurovision final. The Netherlands could be in the reckoning with three sisters that make up OG3NE.She has sold 100 million records in her native land and Vladimir Putin adores her.Now Valeriya – superstars don’t need surnames – wants to make it over here.One very common look is angular features (read: chiseled jaw, strong cheekbones), dark hair, maybe some stubble/5'o'clock shadow, brilliant blue-green eyes.

Alex Florea shot up the rankings with their yodelling rap song, now featuring glitter cannons for good measure.Stunning Elena has been pictured on a string of dates with the wrinkly playboy and until now insisted they were just friends.She was reported to be engaged to Russian singer Dima Bilan, who won the Eurovision Song Contest last year, but there was no sign of an engagement ring when she went out with Rourke in New York's West Village.Bulgaria and Romania look set to dominate this year’s second Eurovision Second Semi Final.Kristian Kostov’s mature performance of Beautiful Mess defied belief when you consider Kristian in just 17 years old.

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