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I'm not that guy for a long time—for a long, long time.

La Beouf also said that the couple didn't actually mean to live stream their nuptials to TMZ.

After being offered a lift to the airport, he told the driver: I gotta get outta here, bro. The video showed Shia desperately pleading with Mia to give him his bag, as he was apparently trying to leave to go to the airport, and his girlfriend took his backpack in a bid to get him to stay.

In the video obtained by Entertainment Tonighthe says: I don't wanna be aggressive. Please just give me my bag,' he could be heard pleading, before locals intervened to give Shia a ride to the airport.

I looked at the date on my phone and it says 2017, but for some reason it feels like 1945.

People have actually been sympathizing with literal Nazis.

He dated Carey Mulligan for about a year before that, but the Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps costars called off their relationship in 2010.

We weren't passionate about each other in that way, so we remain friends." After clearing up the rumors, he did admit that any woman he meets and dates will have to live up to his mom, whom he considers the kind of woman he'd date if she weren't his mom.

Shia La Beouf, who is a jewish man was arrested for shoving a man who said “Hitler was right” to his face.

The two were filmed having an argument on the street and footage showed him telling locals he was afraid of what he might have done had he not walked away.

Earlier in August Sasha shared this photograph of Shia alongside her at a table, which she captioned: The former Disney Channel star could be heard saying: I don't wanna hit a woman.

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Shia La Beouf speaks about his drinking, his new film. Porn at officers while he was being arrested in Georgia last week. Shia La Beouf was arrested in Savannah, Georgia, early. Saturday, July, for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, according to police.

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