Reverse dns zone not updating

You will already find general information on the internal DNS and the BIND DLZ module and documentation about Bind as DNS Backend in the Wiki.

By default, Samba creates the following two forward zones during provisioning/upgrading (of course with your own domain name): The Samba internal DNS is a new implementation.

I've noticed that webmin isn't creating reverse PTR records when adding an A record to a DNS zone if another PTR with the same address already exists.

Picking the "Yes, and replace existing" option when creating the A record will work.

I am running into a problem with what I think is my reverse zone. This DNS server also answers DNS requests from the WAN.

I want it to reply with so clients on the LAN can have access to certain services that are not forwarded.

(the other subnets are configed the same way) zone gilman.k12us. subnet netmask the reason it isn't 'authorising' (as the syslog says) is that you need to have a shared key that both bind (or your dns system) and dhcp-server (or your dhcp server) can share so that they can verify that they are asking each other to update each other.

That's why both backends don't yet cover all the features that you can setup with the Microsoft DNS tools.add record: www2;; update reverse = Yes 4.add record: www3;; update reverse = Yes is how to do it: 1) create your RNDC key by using the dnssec-keygen command. the command is: $ dnssec-keygen 2) In your file, add the following lines: # Start controls ; # Change /etc/bind to the path of your named/bind directory include "/etc/bind/rndc.key"; ....Update [27/06/2013]: new information regarding the topic: Windows 7 & Reverse Lookup DNS Registration [Update] In my current project we have an Active Directory domain where we use Windows DNS servers with domain integrated DNS zones.

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Clients find their Domain Controller/s and other important AD services by DNS queries, this means that your clients must use your Domain Controller/s as their nameservers.

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