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However, this did not stop a couple of enthusiasts in their endeavors.

Spouses began printing Guide samizdat, then immersed in his van circulation and transported to a nearby bookstore.

As part of its 5 million acquisition by Google in September 2011, Zagat's offering of reviews and ratings became a part of Google's Geo and Commerce group, eventually to be tightly integrated into Google's services.

Google relaunched Zagat's website on July 29, 2013 with an improved interface, but cut down the site from 30 cities to nine.

This escapade lasted almost six years, but has brought fantastic benefits: permanent and formed a fairly wide range of people, willing to acquire the latest issue of the directory and give it a positive recommendation.

Foodies probably care more about the food category, and in that, Nicholas, owned and run by Nicholas Harary, also hung on to its number one ranking for the fourth time in a row. They think we’re gonna do cartwheels in the dining room and food is going to fall from the ceiling. Tops for decor is Ninety Acres at Natirar, the new farm-to-table restaurant in Peapack-Gladstone, on the grounds of the estate formerly owned by the King of Morocco. Fernandes Steak in Newark's Ironbound, though it is currently closed to renovations after a fire in March.They released a searchable database of reviews from the other 21 cities in the following days while they worked on expanding to include more cities in the new site.In December 2012, Google announced that it would lay off most former full-time Zagat employees that had been extended as contractors at the time of the acquisition, leading to prophetic business reports describing the future of Zagat book production as bleak, and subsequent business news reports recording the contraction of their print businesses.And, second, do you feel others have been unfairly passed up? Restaurant Nicholas in Red Bank held on to the top spot in Zagat's biennial survey ranking New Jersey's most popular restaurants. Harary's 10-year-old restaurant’s seasonal philosophy and commitment to locally-grown food is evident in one of his new dishes: day-boat Atlantic hake with asparagus purée (the asparagus is from just up the road) and a vidalia onion velouté — he calls it “spring in a bowl.” “It’s very simple but very clean,” says Harary, a graduate of East Brunswick High School and the Culinary Institute of America. But at the end of the day, it’s going to be about the quality of the ingredients.” Other familiar names in the top 10: The Washington Inn in Cape May (4), Lorena's in Maplewood (5), Bay Ave. Favorite newcomers include Picnic in Fair Lawn and Del Monico in Cedar Grove. (They expect to open again in June.) The survey also reveals that New Jersey diners go out a little less often than they did in 2007 (2.8 restaurant meals a week vs.

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