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To get started, you need to create a custom validation function that will recursively move up the elements/groups to find a FIELDSET with the class “validation Group”, and then check all the input elements against the rules assigned.

Here is my custom validation function: Next, I need to trigger the validation for the current FIELDSET I’m working in based on on some action… Since the default setting is to validation on submit, you need to disable this and register your Validate And Submit function call when your event is triggered.

Sometimes, when we build an input processing forms we might come across situations where we need to validate controls based on some conditions.

For example, we can make a textbox to be required field only when a checkbox is checked or a dropdownlist value, etc.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working to migrate away from the Ajax Control Toolkit & various other ASP. My goal has been to get every page of our intranet portal down around 100K, with a maximum load time of ) this was a bit more difficult to implement.Here is an example of the HTML that would be rendered by a Check Box List with a layout of “Flow”.My solution to the problem required a custom validator and a custom error Placement function, for the j Query validaiton plug-in.‘Client Id’ becomes different when the control is placed inside an repeater or gridview. NET Validation is used along with a Rad Button that has client-side event handler attached, an unexpected behavior may occur.

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