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The issue occurs due to the mismatch in the qfe numbers that is the difference in the update levels on all the servers .In order to fix the issue if there is no urgency you can wait and update both the servers in cluster till the update level on both the servers is the same or you can download the “KB2785094″ from the Microsoft site from here and install the KB on both the servers .Having said that, let’s get started with your first custom RSS feed in Word Press.Let’s assume you want to create a new RSS feed which displays just the following information: and the callback function will be called to actually create the feed.« This configuration section cannot be used at this path.

It’s important to know what type of website you are building, and what you’ll need for it because that will directly affect your cost.

Locking is either by default (override Mode Default=”Deny”), or set explicitly by a location tag with override Mode=”Deny” or the legacy allow Override=”false”.

You will get the above error while Validating the fail-over cluster .

Make a note of the feedname, as you’ll need this later on.

Once you have initialized the feed, you’ll need to create the callback function to produce the required feed, using the following code in your theme’s function has two arguments, slug and name, that will look for a template file with the name in the following format, starting with the file at the top (if it doesn’t find the first, it will move on to the second, and so on): For the purposes of this tutorial, it is best to set the slug to the type of feed you’re creating (in this case: rss), and the name to the feedname configured earlier on.

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