Weather australia widget not updating

The best place to get weather information about Australian cities is from Australia's own Bureau of Meteorology.

The Bom Weather Widget gathers all of the most detailed, accurate and up to date information available from the Bureau and delivers it fresh to you.

Instead of using simple icons to represent clouds, sunshine and rain, Yo Window displays a cartoon landscape which reflects the real-time weather in your current location.

You can select from five different weather services, and there are notifications that warn you of impending weather changes.

However, it is not clear to me if this fix will be distributed for this Ubuntu Mate LTS (16.04) or not (as this is not really a security fix).

Apparently it will be distributed for 16.10, as according to a post in the Mate Desktop blog regarding "known issues" with 16.10: @Win Eunuuchs2Unix, ha ha. But this is no longer needed, as a fix has already been released (except for people behind a proxy who use SSL tunneling, because the released version cannot work with it).

Without more information, it's very unlikely anyone will be able to help. Around four years ago the NOAA announced it would discontinue that service.

The weather information in METAR format was being downloaded from the NOAA website (it was world wide information) via the libgnomeweather library (and later via the libmateweather library).

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