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Investigators say the man whom the woman invited over brought another man with him. I'm just happy she's back home."The dog was reunited with her owner by noon Wednesday.Police said the dog disappeared after the two men visited the home. Scott Tamagny said a laptop and an Amazon package were also stolen while the woman was distracted. Police did not disclose how Maggie landed in Garfield.“Maggie’s owner was shown a picture of the dog from the All Humane Animal Rescue shelter on Tuesday evening and believed it was her dog.“Today at approximately noon, the owner met the dog from the shelter and confirmed that it was Maggie,” Leonia PD said in a statement on Facebook.He might tell you about last Sunday’s BBQ when he’s on a date with you, or she might text you a pic from a hike with her best friend.

How often do you hear things like: “Facebook has been dead since everybody’s parents started using it.” “Instagram has 10x the engagement rate! Authorities found the Tinder date, who lives in New Jersey, but Maggie is still MIA. “We have had a limited conversation with him,” said Leonia police Capt. “The investigation is still underway.” “We don’t know if this dog is still in the possession of these subjects,” Tamagny said.“We’re asking for the public’s help.” Anyone who has spotted Maggie or who has information about this case should call the Leonia Police at (201) 944-0800 or email [email protected] Authorities say Maggie, a 2-year-old Maltese was presumed stolen from the Leonia home Sunday night. (AP) — A dog that went missing after a house sitter invited a Tinder date to the home has been reunited with its owner.

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