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Sure, having a warning is nice, but it doesn’t matter in the long run; if there is chemistry between two people they’re going to get together regardless of what someone else thinks.

First they ask how you know the person, is he an ex? After the positive hashtags come the not-so-positive. Some included on the list (that I did not use in my own reviews) are #stage5clinger, #doesn’tknowiexist, #forgothiswallet, #hititandquitit, #EDMgroupie, #perfectformysister My guy friends, who I convinced to get on Lulu, seemed to have the biggest issue not knowing what was said, the good and the bad and the ugly, because they felt that if they were given negative comments then they would want the opportunity to improve and become better based off of the ratings. For example, I would want to know if I was going out with a guy was super self-absorbed or a mega chimney smoker.

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I also wanted it because a girl I knew who was also on Ok Cupid had sent me a message specifically telling me to stay away from a certain person who turned out to be incredibly sketchy; if she hadn’t, I may have gone on a date with that guy and at best had a terrible time and at the worst, been murdered—who knows for sure.

My hesitation in creating that kind of platform was that for one, it didn’t seem very nice and for another, people connect with each other in different ways; so one person’s experience on a date is not necessarily indicative of how . Then there are a series of seven questions where you rate the person based on qualities such as humor, appearance, sex, etc. Women are given the option to select as many positive hashtags as they like.

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