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He’s completely and totally adorable, and sometimes even sports a newsboy cap (reminiscent of Christian Bale in “Newsies,” which has provided me with sexual fantasy fodder since 1992). For the record, if that’s half-gay, I’ll swing that way any night of the week.He also happens to harbor a sweetness that many New York City guys seem to lack. So when he told me the following week that he was bisexual, and that I’d have known that if I knew him in Chicago, I couldn’t help myself.

It’s just that so many gay guys I know have started out by saying they’re bi.

Strangers are one battle but family and friends are another.

(My black daughter was easily accustomed to the ethnic mix of men I dated as my ex-husband was Belgian.) Also children are invariably color blind, until someone eventually points out racial differences to them.

As a single mom, I gradually got over the "dating shame" I felt in public as the warmth of my relationships would trump the cold stares thrown at me in the streets.

As I became comfortable, my confidence shone through and deflected any kind of attempt of harshness thrown my way.

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