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This is key because reducing unit labor costs is supposed to be the key to Greece's recovery.

At their core, RTW laws seek to hamstring unions’ ability to help employees bargain with their employers for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Given that unionization raises wages both for individual union members as well as for nonunion workers in unionized sectors, it is not surprising that research shows that both union and nonunion workers in RTW states have lower wages and fewer benefits, on average, than comparable workers in other states.

But while wage cuts have managed to reduce incomes and living standards for the employed, they haven't succeeded in creating any jobs for jobless or restoring economic growth.

You can see why Greek voters recently decided to give an alternative approach a try.

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This means that if an employer mistreats a worker who does not pay a union representation fee, the union must prosecute that worker’s grievance just as it would a dues-paying member’s, even if it costs tens of thousands of dollars.

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