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Orthodox views on the role women may play in their community’s religious, educational, and social life have reflected the range of attitudes that religious group has harbored toward American society and culture.Generally, those Orthodox Jews who have resisted Americanization and who have attempted to live religious lives reminiscent of their European past have not countenanced the active participation of women within the synagogue.By Judah Rhine On Sunday, April 2, MVP Basketball hosted its 9th annual boys’ All-Star Day at SAR High School in Riverdale.The daylong program featured over 150 players from yeshivas leagues throughout the New York and New Jersey metro area, including Bergen County, as selected by their respective coaches.

The sense of team chemistry was also apparent as evidenced by the high level of play and unselfish teamwork throughout all of the games.And I have to tell you, the seductions of those shelves, the distractions of browsing, became so spectacular and my work was suffering so badly that I actually got permission and they transferred me to the Chinese collection.[Audience laughter] WIESELTIER: Because I simply couldn’t keep my hands off those shelves.The blend of all the different uniforms from players of so many teams was truly a colorful sight.The camaraderie and interaction amongst players, friends, and family members was truly memorable.

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For many other Orthodox Jews, the opening of synagogue life to greater women’s participation, within what they see as the expansive boundaries of halakhah, is but another dimension of their accommodationist approach to their encounter with America.

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