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Still, there are plenty of Lebanese dating service websites in operation, as is obvious by the number of ads for the sites that appear in the margin of web pages in Lebanon.

Zoosk, Adultfriendfinder, Lebanonhearts, Arablounge, Plentyoffish and Mate1 are just some of the sites that offer young Lebanese the chance to meet like-minded compatriots.

It’s understood, however, that "artist" is really just a euphemism for "prostitute." Lebanese law stipulates that these women can enter the country only after signing an employment contract, which has to be approved by the Directorate of General Security.He felt safe in the city, knowing that what he did in Beirut, stayed in Beirut, and was unlikely to ever reach his parents. But please, please, please don’t bring Tony and Ziad.” Tony and Ziad are the more flamboyant ones in our group of friends.Once he graduated from university, he found a job in Hamra and an apartment in Gemmayzeh, two of the city’s most hip neighborhoods and centers of nightlife. Tony wears lots of rings, eyeliner, and often talks to us in the Arabic feminine.This was not the world Samer grew up in, dominated by Sunday mass, village gossip, and the sanctity of virginity.In Beirut, Samer discovered activism, becoming an outspoken gay rights activist, or at least, as outspoken as a closeted—he has not told his family back in the village—man can be in Lebanon. A minute after we hung up, Samer sent me a message that read, “You come, and bring Abdo and Karim if you want.

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If you doubt that fact then you’re not ready to accept my priceless gift and in all likelihood you have a vagina.

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