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In Auto CAD, this would require purging and redefining the block.Auto CAD Electrical handles this for you automatically.You can select an attribute in a block reference and use the Properties palette to change its properties, or you can use the Enhanced Attribute Editor to modify all the attributes in a selected block reference.This program offers the ability to automatically update drawing titleblock attributes (or indeed, any attributed blocks) with values sourced from a CSV file (a comma/character-separated-value file which may be opened & edited as an Excel spreadsheet).If the title block setup maps any of the Auto CAD Electrical PLOT* values to attributes, these attributes update when using the Auto CAD Electrical plotting utility.

Auto CAD Electrical handles this for you automatically. The Update Block command is useful when you redefine or create a new version of a block in your drawing and you want to..." The Swap/Update Block command is located on the ribbon, Schematic tab, Edit Components panel. Option B updates a block to a revised or different version with the same block name.The Update Block command is useful when you redefine or create a new version of a block in your drawing and you want to...Changing the attribute properties of existing block references does not affect the values assigned to those blocks.Patrick Hughes describes how he has simultaneously updated many blocks in one Auto CAD file."Have you ever found yourself in a position where a large number of library blocks in a drawing need to be redefined?

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