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Rap mogul Andre 3000‘s latest squeeze, Dominique Maldonado, regularly went in on Dre’s band member Big Boi on her social media accounts. Now she’s a mature 30-year-old artist manager and concert promoter with hopes and dreams of marrying Dre and having his babies.Apparently Dominique, whose Twitter handle is @Sunshine DBaby, wasn’t a fan of Outkast or Big Boi’s lyrical skills back in the day. No one can blame Dominique for shading her future boyfriend’s group before she had even met him. Dominique wasn’t fond of rappers Nas or Talib Kweli either. And she even went in on Dre’s baby mama, singer Erykah Badu. Would this be a deal breaker for you if you went back into Twitter archives and found out your heartthrob was disparaging you and your peeps on Twitter?“People saying Big Boi is a better MC than Andre 3000 in public? Time for me to retire from this sh*t,” she tweeted on May 8, 2012. “I have zero interest in an Outkast reunion,” she tweeted in April 2012. Here is a conversation from another post about this mystery person who really wants to be in the spotlight and claims to be Andre Benjamin loves interest.

The "shaking like a Polaroid picture" thing is so 2003 anyway. (From Matador Pictures)Andre 3000's portrayal of Jimi Hendrix is sure to be picked apart and dissected as Jimi: All Is by My Side nears its release, but regardless of how people feel about the final product, the Outkast singer certainly looks the part.In case you haven’t heard, ladies: Three stacks has been off the market for some time, and rumor has it that he just got engaged. Andre 3000, our favorite love below rapper, is finally putting his love on top with longtime girlfriend Dominique Maldanado.RELATED: Erykah Badu Speaks On Recent Twitter Controversy, Black Lives Matter & Being Best Friends With Andre 3000 Exactly who is the lucky lady, you ask? 3000, we know that’s what you everyone wants to know.Following the movie's weekend screening at SXSW, we're finally seeing our first footage of Andre in the movie, and he's definitely far out.Unfortunately we're not sure how much we're going to...

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During the past six months, the two are said to have taken things up a notch.

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