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Fashion Week, and the bags under her eyes just keep getting bigger. On the other hand, how hard is it to reach out to some B-list celebrities? Whitney somehow makes her look even worse when she suggests contacting people with whom the designer performed. Will someone please explain what’s going on and how Whitney saved the day? But it all ends amicably enough, and Heidi and Stephanie walk away and continue their super-fun girls’ night out. Back at home, Lauren confronts Audrina about hanging out with Heidi. “I think you’re a really nice person, and sometimes people take advantage of that,” Lauren says condescendingly. Audrina offers some wise words to Heidi regarding her lot in life: “It’s weird how the world works.” Deep. And now for the final confrontation: Audrina tells Lauren that Heidi came over! The girls both raise their eyebrows and we promptly fall asleep. They’re having a company meeting, and Cutrone totally bitches out a woman named Jessica, who messed up “celebrity outreach.” We have to feel bad for this chick — it wasn’t her idea to have cameras filming her job, yet now the entirety of America’s under-30 population gets to see her boss humiliate her. Audrina advises Heidi to “learn how to keep your friends while you’re dating someone.” Burn! We think, anyhow (like we said, the face — blankety blank). It used to be solely supermodels who won that honour, but fashion PR guru Kelly isn't worried about the future of models. Kelly Cutrone, famed fashion publicist, author of If You Have To Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You and star of Bravo's Kell on Earth, is also single mom to seven-year-old daughter Ava.Ilario [Ava's father] and I were in love; we met in Paris, where I was producing a fashion show. He had an incredible pull on me, like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I discovered I was pregnant two months into our love affair. Illario and I didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things and split up three or four months into my pregnancy.I was in the middle of separating from my second husband and moving my business from L. From there, I put the blinders on and just focused on becoming a single mother.The former America's Next Top Model judge appeared on TV show The Hills and then had her own series Kell on Earth.

Kelly and Cheryl have become good friends ever since the It is true that many other people were hanging out together. And look, there’s a familiar face at the end of the bar … Heidi “realizes” that she has some stuff in Lauren and Audrina’s apartment, and she decides to get it back from Audrina. You’re reminding us of your ex-boyfriend more and more each episode. Flash to Lauren, bored and alone in And now we cut to Heidi and Stephanie having a girls’ night out! Heidi’s ecstatic, of course, since the only thing she does since Spencer left is sit at home alone and bang her head against her freshly painted wall. The next day, Heidi and Stephanie are in a home store looking for stuff for Heidi’s arcade-game-free apartment. Ever notice how much “confronting” happens in this show? She took time to speak to me during Fashion Week about single motherhood, family and of course, must-have mom accessories.CC: I experienced a mix of emotions when I found out I was pregnant--then suddenly single. KC: I found out I was pregnant on September 10, the night before the World Trade Center was hit, and I was delighted. I mean, I was very excited about my pregnancy, and my hormones kicked in immediately.

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