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This error indicates that there was a communication error with the patch server or possibly you do not have sufficient space on the driver you are downloading to. You can point your updated TANE SP2 to your old local data folder in Trainz Settings Install tab, then restart TANE. My build number xxxxx does not have a patch showing as available A.Check you have sufficient space and click Retry to recommence the download. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q. If you have an SP1 Beta version installed, then use the change streams option to ensure your patcher can find the right stream to check for available patches.This page provides links to SP1 and SP2 patching pages, as well as providing solutions to your issues under "Known Issues when Patching" and "Frequently Asked Questions" sections at the bottom of the page.If you have trouble patching you can download the full SP2 install version using this online installer link.This page contains all the links and information to patch your existing TANE install to SP1.

DON'T use the Undo facility in Surveyor in TRS2006.If it is not, one file is written in the wrong place - go to C:\program files\auran\tc and move the 'settings' folder into your actual TC installation.If you're still having problems (like the read only file mentioned), try this (slightly more thorough) method: Each time CMP starts it attempts to contact the Download Station to retrieve an updated list of available assets and to verify your FCT and username status.Go to the 'Settings' folder and edit 'kuid.txt' in notepad.Change the kuid number to the first number you wish CMP to allocate.

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