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I'm pretty sure Jewish girls are a species all their own. They have years and years of inside jokes that they can convey with just a look. My cousin probably knows your sister's best friend. Unless you want to have second dinner at like 10 p.m.?

Some of the stuff that we do would not be considered normal in "the real world," aka around non-Jews. For some reason, our hair seems to be a lot frizzier than everyone else's.

According to Orenstein, a sociologist at the University of Texas conducted research which showed that a quarter of Jewish teens disapprove of premarital sex, as compared to nearly 75% of white evangelical teens.

He also concluded that Jews are most likely to cite pleasure as a reason to indulge sexually, rather than procreation. We read the same Old Testament as Christians but is there something we’re missing about sex in the New Testament?

The weather, our hair, our new Canada Goose jacket getting dirty…we love to complain.It provides an opportunity for children and their families to learn, make friends, and connect to the Temple Sinai community!Events take place one Sunday per month, in coordination with Ruach programs, directly following Religious School from pm – pm.The rabbinic interpretation of Exodus ([Similarly], if [the master] marries another wife, he may not diminish [this one’s] allowance, clothing or conjugal rights.) offers a basis that both partners in a marriage should be sexually satisfied.This shows evidence for the statistic that Jews are most likely to seek pleasure more than anything out of sex.

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