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We are both very open, honest, direct and willing to respect boundaries in the same way we expect ours to be respected.We have a lovely place in San Diego where we enjoy the ocean, movies, good food and good sex. While she is decisively Pagan, works in the healing professions and will surprise you with the mischief she has in store for you behind her sweet smile.We are both highly imaginative and like to keep things spicy and passionate.We find that sex is 90% in the mind and enjoy what turns everyone on.

I have a tiny cock so i make a better girl then a guy.

and maybe play a little with someone who doesn't feel valued and appreciated.

I'd love to share a little excitement and stimulation and hope to make you feel special/desired. The excitement ramps up when moving a chat to yahoo.

She also has studied tantra for a few years and always enjoys meeting people with similiar interests.

He loves to make her squirt and she loves to please, so life is pretty good all around. :) Lets chat about meeting for dinner, drinks, fun and friendship! I'm looking for a female for me and possibly my man.

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