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Is there a chance this is a FAKE or are there spaces sometimes in Serial Numbers?Hey, thanks for that Slash, do you know how reliable that site is?This means that the the serial numbers starting in 1994 ran consecutively on both the MIJ and the CIJ models while the MIJ logo was being phased out.Mid–1997 the CIJ logo was the only one used on Fender guitars coming out of Japan (with exception the Squire series). I really don’t know, but the MIJ logo Fenders were for the USA market.

The early series are the most popular for collectors.

USA Fender wanted to stop the import of these guitars to the USA due to firing up their Mexican plant and due to the “too good” quality Japan was creating which competed with the USA models.

Regarding quailty, I have owned many of both these Japanese guitars and it is a fallacy that the than the Mexican made guitars and rival many of the USA models.

I found some information on an ebay forum relating to a similar topic, it looks like the guitar may be a Chinese fake. I don't think SRV or Rory G were too bothered by it either judging by their guitars. (kind of feel dumb now lol) Oh well, other people will find it someday and it will be helpful for them. My MN2 Strat was bought brand new in 93 (Texas Special upgrade btw) and it has a space between.

Watch out for serial numbers like this in future and stay well away from them. Post edited by: Crazy Train, at: 2007/12/04 Yeah Slash, it could do I guess but I'm no expert in that department tbh so I'll have leave that debate to you professionals out there! Perhaps it depends on various things (like impact, location etc.) but indeed that would be known only from experience with such a guitar Haha. I know for a fact buy the build and components that it is a early mexican Stratocaster. MIM Fenders are fantastic guitars, and I can say from personal experience that the Made In China Fenders are also top-notch.

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