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Sophie, a professional woman in her mid-30s and a member of my weekly mindfulness meditation class, repeatedly feels taken advantage of.After listening to her describe a painful episode in which a friend had acted inappropriately during a visit, I told her, "You need to work on improving your emotional boundaries." She was surprised by my comment. Isn't the whole idea to not be attached to the needs of my ego?Here’s how you can start setting boundaries in your life and start enjoying peace: Shift your focus from your circumstances to how you respond to them.Dwelling on your current circumstances will only frustrate you because it won’t change anything.I can’t tell her no or it might turn her away from Christ.I can’t take time to fill myself back up because I’m supposed to put other people’s needs before my own.Check out our new Mobile user friendly Landing Site for a brief overview of the work of Codependency Recovery Inner Child Healing Pioneer Robert Burney - including links to his articles on websites that are user friendly on mobile devices."The purpose of having boundaries is to protect and take care of ourselves.

As a woman, you may tend to respond to other people’s needs at the expense of your own and then suffer from the chaos that comes from a life without proper boundaries.

Your coworkers delegate tasks to you that they should be doing, but you do the extra work because you want to please them.

Your husband tells you that he doesn’t want you to go out with friends, and you stay home for fear that he’ll get angry if you do try to enjoy a night out.

I can’t be honest about the unhealthy aspects of our friendship because she is in too much pain already. We enable her codependency while sacrificing our own mental and emotional health. Politely inform her if there are certain hours you would prefer to not be contacted.

We step into the role of savior rather than pointing her to her actual Savior. My time is so limited and life is so short—I’d rather just spend my days with people who fill my life with joy and leave me feeling refreshed. Be upfront from the beginning about how long you’re able to spend together.

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